Wednesday, August 19, 2015

DYI Framing Bathroom Mirror

Ok So I am one of the worst people at DIY projects not necessarily because they don't turn out but because I don't take pictures along the way I would much rather just get things done and over with because of this when my friends ask to see how I did something? It is really hard for me to help them out.

In this case I will try to show you exactly what I did but I will be using a two bathrooms (before and after) as I show you how I did everything and hopefully I will be able to update this when I have enough kid free time to do the second bathroom.

Ok so this is what I was starting out with not very aesthetically pleasing right?

how would you like to have it look like this?

Awesome I know! You can do that for around $30 a little more if your mirror is bigger.

Materials needed
Tape measure- $5- $20 depending on how nice of one you want (most homes already have if you don't have one buy one great investment)

Molding-$3.71 for a  19/32 in. x 2-1/4 in x 84 in. Primed
I used 4 of these and had left over pieces which I used for crafting projects.

Caulking- $1.98 each (we used about 2)

Caulking gun $2.77 (this is reusable so a great investment if you will be doing other projects)

Paint- $3.48 for the 8oz tester. Your choice of color and the tiny tester ones would be enough for most mirrors.

Paintbrush-These can be anywhere from 5o cents to a few dollars a piece

How to
Step 1- measure the mirror.

Step 2- Write down dimensions.

Step 3- figure out if you want over hang on the edging
 I give about 1/8-1/4" on all sides for overhang but be careful if you don't have extra room like at the bottom of my mirror I had to re cut because of this.

Step 4- Make list of items needed
 if you don't want the hardware store to cut the molding for you you will need to have a saw. Most places will cut it for you if you aren't getting tons. Or they have a station for you to cut it at the store (this also makes it easier to transport if you don't have a pickup truck.

Step 5-Pick up supplies

Step 6-cut supplies
 you are going to want to cut all ends at 45 degree angles and if your molding isn't identical on both sides make sure you cut in on the same side otherwise it will look funny when you bring pieces together.

Step 7- Painting Molding (optional)
Some people want to paint the molding ahead of time because it is easier to get all of it. This is optional as you will have to paint it after caulking it onto the mirror. I do however paint it to get a pretty unified paint job and not have to tape a lot of spots later.

Step 8- Caulking and placing- Open and place in caulking gun. This is way easier to do I have never met someone strong enough to do caulking with out a gun maybe I am just weak sauce but I strongly suggest getting one. I apply the caulking to the molding itself and then if needed add to mirror. I get the quicker drying caulking which means you may need some help putting it up but you don't have to hold it against the mirror for to long. in this step make sure you add caulking to the edges that attach. I placed the molding directly on the mirror with just a smidge of over hang so that the mirror didn't take up any extra space and still was positioned nicely in the room.

Step 9- Clean up excessive caulking and flatten down I like to smooth out excessive caulking so that there is a nice smooth transition between the pieces of the now beautiful framing. Also baby wipes really help getting the caulking off the mirror before it dries.

Step 10- Painting repaint the corners or if you didn't paint before tape off around frame and paint whole frame.

Step 11- Clean up and enjoy.

I hope this helped I hopefully will be able to get some better picture up in the next week from doing bathroom number 2. If you have any question please let me know. Also all the suggested prices on the materials were pulled from Home Depots website. I will update those when I go into the store next.

I also am not linked to Home Depot in anyway. That is just my choice of hardware stores because I find their employees courteous and well informed.

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